"I cannot overstate the value Nathaniel has added to my work. 

I sent him a first draft- complete, but not set in stone regarding plot- of a little less than 60k words. I knew it was missing something, but I wasn't sure what exactly. What I was sure of, though, is that I had several characters in my book, including a transgender character, whom I knew I didn't not have the knowledge or experience to write wisely and sensitively. 

Nat's feedback was incredible! He pointed out language or plot points I absolutely needed to reconsider or eliminate with honesty and explanation, suggested possible solutions to problematic elements, offered advice without being pushy, and highlighted and emphasized what I was doing well. He also did the entire review with sensitivity himself, and none of his feedback made me the slightest bit uncomfortable despite the fact that we were dealing with sensitive topics and he was challenging inherent prejudices I wasn't even aware I had. 

If you include marginalized characters in your work, which you absolutely must do, hire a sensitivity reader. If your characters fall under Nathaniel's areas of expertise, hire him. His feedback has been invaluable and absolutely helped me shape, finish, and polish my work and truly represent my characters well."
-Sarah Hill Darrow

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Samantha Jones, Project Manager