Payment is due in full before services are given. *NO REFUNDS*

(Preferred method of payment is PayPal. Email address can be found in Contact information.)

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In addition to reading your entire manuscript, we will provide feedback on what we like, what may need to be changed and suggestions on how to change it. Feedback will be provided in comments throughout the manuscript and a summarizing letter on the state of representation in your novel. We will also be providing insider information on what marginalized groups want from fictional characters as a whole as well as links to any resources as needed.


Partial manuscripts, individual scenes and short stories will be subject to the same comprehensive feedback as the Full Manuscript Package.

Partial Manuscripts (Up to 25,000 words): $100

Individual Scenes: $20

Short Stories: $40


The Sensitivity Consulting Package allows for individualized advice on how to craft a character/plotline without including any problematic elements. Authors who choose this package may email Nathaniel with any questions or concerns regarding the creation of their character/plot within a 4-week time period. (NOTE: The Sensitivity Consulting Package does not include readings of the manuscript in part or whole. It is simply a communication window for the creation of said manuscript.)


The Full Package includes the entirety of Full Manuscript and Sensitivity Consulting. Ask about a Synopsis/Outline review for an additional $25!

*Save $25 rather than buying Full Manuscript and Sensitivity Consulting separately!*