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We provide quality sensitivity reading on whole manuscripts, partial manuscripts and individual scenes, as well as providing sensitivity consulting. We are able to read for a variety of marginalized groups!


Our sensitivity reading rates depend on how much of the manuscript is being read, as well as which package is chosen. Click the link to find out more!



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Nathaniel Glanzman is an Autistic, transgender person of color with experience as a freelance professional sensitivity reader. He has experience as a high school English teacher and is a writer himself, giving him a unique and versatile perspective on the craft of writing. He is knowledgeable about current trends in what marginalized groups are asking for in representation, as well as what constitutes as harmful representation.

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Nathaniel Glanzman

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We at Glanzman Sensitivity Reading do not speak for ALL people who share our identities. Your work, as with all works, is still subject to criticism.

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